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Pyraclostrobin Plus Brassicin?

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In the global pesticide fungicide single product ranking list, pyrazole ether ester has always been the best in the list, as methoxyacrylic acid fungicide, since the market with its broad spectrum of sterilization, excellent effect, safety and growth promotion of crops, soon won the favor of users.

However, with the long time, large range, large dose and single use, it also brings some negative effects, such as the decline of control effect, resistance enhancement and so on.


Brassinolide is a type of sterol compound. After brassicin is metabolized, its sterol group can be used to synthesize other hormones, such as auxin, cytokinin, so it can play a synergistic and hub role in the middle.

The action of brassicin is very special, combining ethylene, gibberellin, auxin and cytokinin, which means brassicin is a generalist. It can increase the potency of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, reduce crop resistance, promote growth, avoid drug damage, improve quality and increase yield. It is the most widely used and versatile regulator for crops.

Pyrazole ether ester + Brassicin, can produce how much benefit?

1, mutual dissolution, synergistic effect

Pyrazolsterin, a class of esters, and brassicosterols can be dissolved in each other. So, pyrazolsterin can carry brassicin with it when it conducts brassicin, and it can carry pyrazolsterin with it when it conducts brassicin, and it can coordinate the mobility between the two.

2. Enhance disease resistance and reduce drug resistance

Pyrazolsterin is a fungicide with relatively single target. It is very susceptible to single gene or oligogene mutation of the pathogen, which can reduce the affinity with the drug site and show reduced efficacy. With the decline of drug efficacy, farmers often increase the dose and frequency of use, further increasing the selection pressure, accelerating the formation of drug-resistant pathogen groups from quantitative change to qualitative change, and eventually leading to the complete failure of drug control and the emergence of drug resistance.

After the bacteria infects the leaves, the crops themselves develop resistance. Due to the infection of bacteria, crops will synthesize some substances resistant to bacteria, and the synthesis process is the process of metabolism, and brassicin is able to promote the synthesis of substances resistant to bacteria in crops, which is the synergistic effect of brassicin on fungicides. At the same time can also reduce the use of fungicide times, reduce the resistance of bacteria.

3. Promote nutrient transformation and regulate plant growth

Pyrazole ether ester can increase leaf chlorophyll content, can greatly promote the absorption and utilization of nitrogen elements of the crop itself, so after the use of pyrazole ether ester, crop leaves green.

However, if the amount of pyrazole ether ester is relatively large, nitrogen will be greatly absorbed in the cell body, and the transformation of nitrogen cannot keep up, which will lead to nitrogen excess, and the phenomenon of vain lodging and so on.

If brassicin is added, it will be found that it can increase the amount of nitrogen conversion and enhance nitrogen metabolism, and there is little deficiency. And brassicin itself has a very high activity of regulating growth and enhancing crop stress resistance.

4. Avoid drug damage

Pyrazole ether ester has strong permeability, but it is because the permeability is too strong, limits the use of pyrazole ether ester, in the mix with emulsion, silicone, organophosphorus and other pesticides or additives, due to enhance the permeability of each other, increase the risk of drug damage, improper mixing lead to burn young fruit.

Brassicin can rapidly coordinate various endogenous hormone levels in the body, mobilize various mechanisms to repair nucleic acid and protein synthesis, repair crop damaged cells through callus plant tissue, and prevent and alleviate drug damage.

Pyrazole ether ester, can not be used with organophosphorus (such as: trichlorfon, chlorpyrifos, triazophos, profenofos , etc.), organosilicon additives, and emulsion agents. So when you use brassicin, you can choose powder and water, don’t use cream.

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